You the Leader Hardcover

You the Leader Hardcover
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Author: Phil Pringle

Do you envision future possibilities that others don't? Are you a "can-do" person? Do creative solutions to the challenges of life stir in your heart and soul? The truth is that this world is in desperate need of good, godly leaders--in other words, the human race needs you and your abilities. Drawing from Scripture, personal experience, and the writings of both contemporary and historical leaders, Pastor Phil Pringle offers practical insights into effective leadership that can be applied in every arena of life, not just inside church walls. Explore your God-given leadership possibilities, and find out how to implement the vision He has instilled in you.

Table of Contents

1. Leaders Needed

2. The Leader and His God

3. The Leader and His Vision

4. The Leader Is a Winner

5. The Leader's Trials

6. The Leader's Weapons

7. The Leader and His Attitude

8. The Leader Is a Shepherd

9. The Leader Is a Problem Solver

10. The Leader's Big Three

11. The Leader Is a People Person

12. The Leader Is a Communicator

13. The Leader Is Organized

14. The Leader and His Team

15. The Leader's Team in Scripture

16. Who's on the Team

17. The Leader Is a Decision Maker

18. The Ultimate Leader


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Hardcover, 224 pages

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