What the Bible Teaches - Updated Edition

What the Bible Teaches - Updated Edition
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Author: R. A. Torrey

Every Sunday School, Bible Class Teacher, Minister, Pastor, etc should have a copy of this book

What the Bible Teaches is a classic volume that provides numerous outlined studies of what the Bible has to say on over fifty major doctrines of the Bible. The work examines what the Bible teaches about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, man, angels, Satan, prayer, worship, faith, and more.

Who Is God? Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Eternal, etc. It's easy to recite a list of God's attributes, but what does the Bible mean by them? This book will help you grasp both what God is like, and how He has revealed Himself in Scripture.

It also gives thorough discussion of: -The sovereign, imminent return of Jesus -The work of the Holy Spirit -The fallen nature of man, and God's offering of new life -The purpose and presence of angels -Satan's existence and nature -The character of Jesus.

This book is ideal for a personal, intimate Bible study or bible class. Fortify your heart with truth as you study the essential doctrines of your faith!

639 pages

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