What Child is This?

What Child is This?
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Time: 75-85 min(estimated dependent upon your song selections)

Go to: http://www.playsbypam.com/What%20Child%20is%20This%20Excerpts.pdf to download excerpts from the play

Synopsis: Taken from the Narrator’s Introduction of the play: We have heard the birth of Jesus told from various views. Today we will give you a glimpse through the eyes of Mary and Joseph—both living in Nazareth, a small, often overlooked city in Galilee. In fact, it is not mentioned in the Old Testament.

Joseph, a carpenter is in the midst of his year-long engagement to Mary, when suddenly their lives are forever changed. Mary must choose between embracing the prophecy or risk becoming an outcast. Joseph must decide to trust Mary and believe in what seems impossible. It has been four hundred years since anyone has had a word from the Lord. No prophecy. No angelic visitation. Joseph has to find a way to believe that he and Mary and her cousins Elisabeth and Zacharias have been elected by God to not only hear from Him after generations of silence, but to be the ones to usher in and birth the Messiah.

What child is this, born of a virgin entrusted into the care of an earthly father who is a carpenter?





Zacharias (father of John the Baptist)

Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist)

Timothy  (Joseph’s friend)

Gabriel  (angel)

Angel of the Lord

Shepherds (non-speaking roles – can be 3 or 4)




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