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Wade in the Water Play by Pamela R. Smith
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Black History Play - Wade in the Water

This play is extracted from our master play, "The Road Back to Equality." If you have purchased "The Road Back to Equality" do NOT purchase this as it is extracted from it.

Come walk through the history of African-Americans' fight for the right to be seen as more than property, but humans. The right to life, liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness in America. A great learning tool that you need to take your church, students, school, and community. 

See how people of different races and backgrounds united together for a common cauase.

Click link to see excerpts of play http://www.playsbypam.com/Wade%20in%20the%20Water%20Excerpts%20for%20Website/index.html

PRICE INCLUDES: Lyrics, and some Sheet Music (60 pages)

A black history play unlike any other. Truly a great educational tool and theatrically entertaining.

One of the most educational plays on the market. It will enlighten, stir, and entertain you. A tremendous amount of research has been done to make this as authentic as possible.


Please go to www.playsbypam.com and click on Black History Plays to see a detailed overview of this play. You will be able to see portions of the script as well as timing.

Length: 90 minutes (depends largely upon the songs and the director's coordination of the play) Includes songs with the lyrics and many with the sheet music, as well as video links. Total Page Count: 60

Although extracted from our master play, "The Road Back to Equality," edits have been to the script to accomodate for timing; therefore, this play does not read exactly like the full version of "The Road Back to Equality." This play, like the master play, is written in sequence of events and eras, not acts and scenes.


Table of Contents:

Director’s Notes



Judge Samuel Sewall

William Lloyd Garrison

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth

Harriet Tubman

Emancipation and General Granger

Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Today and Onward


Go to www.playsbypam and click on Black History Plays for a detailed overview and excerpts of each event / era.

This play is extracted from our master play, "The Road Back to Equality." If you have purchased "The Road Back to Equality" do NOT purchase this as it is extracted from it. We do not give refunds for downloaded products, so please do not purchase this if you have already purchased "The Road Back to Equality"

ALL dramatic works - PLAYS and SKITS are NON-REFUNDABLE If you want the BOUND copy do not purchase this one, order the BOUND copy. This one is for electronic download only.

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