'Tis the Season for a Change

'Tis the Season for a Change
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This play is very loosely based on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol.”  

Go to: http://www.playsbypam.com/Tis%20the%20Season%20for%20a%20Change%20ChristmasPlay.htm for a complete overview of the play

Synopsis: Scarlett Morgan hasn’t had an easy life. She lost her father when she was seven and her mother at the age of 17. She raised her younger sister Michelle and later raised her only cousin, Fred. She grew up poor and was teased by the children in school. At a young age she made herself a promise, “I will never be poor again.” Driven by her desire to never eat Roman Noodles again, she buried herself in her work, soon becoming the owner of the most successful advertising agency in the country.

However, it came with a price. She had become hard, mean, and stingy. Her unkindness was only magnified during the Christmas season. Her employee, Barbara said Scrooge was an ideal employer compared to Scarlett. Michelle, Scarlett’s sister had reached her end and had been praying for a change in Scarlett.

Michelle prayers are answered and two angels visit Scarlett to show her herself and to warn her that if she didn’t change the very thing that she feared would come upon her.

Yes, this Christmas marks a season of change for Scarlett.

 Length: apprx 90 minutes (depends on song selections and pace of actors)

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