The Road Back to Equality

Road Back to Equality Black History Play by Pamela R. Smith
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Black History Dramatic Work


Click link for a detailed overview and excerpts of each event / era.

If you make one investment in the theater this year, this should be it. This dramatic work will provide your drama team with years of dramatic work, something new to perform for years to come.

One of the most informative and entertaining Black History dramatic works that walks you through the history of equality and how people of all races played a part in the "road back to equality." These great men and women will speak truths to our hearts that will inspire us to pursue our dreams with greater persistency. Go to www.playsbypam to see excerpts from this play.

PRICE INCLUDES: Bound Copy of the Play, Lyrics, and some Sheet Music (315 pages)

A black history play unlike any other. It takes you on a journey starting in the 1400s and ending in 2009. One of the most educational and versatile plays on the market. It will enlighten, stir, and entertain you. A tremendous amount of research has been done to make this as authentic as possible. It is an informative Black History dramatic work that reminds us of the struggles of our fore parents and those who help to fight to overcome. Events and Characters include Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Anthony Johnson, Angelina Grimke, John Newton, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Esteban, Angelo, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws, Judge Sewall, Dred Scott, Governor Robert Hunter, Stono Rebellion, Governor William Bull, Witch Hunt in New York, Olaudah Equiano, 3/5 Rule, General L'Ouverture, and so much more!

Narrator: History has a way of changing, depending upon who is telling it. Well, I invite you to take a journey with me through the true history of Negroes, Blacks, African Americans, or whatever classification you are using today. It is a journey on the road back to equality. I say “back” because we were not always slaves. But somehow, in man’s search of gold, we became more valuable, causing men and women of varying countries, races, social, and cultural backgrounds to lay aside what they knew was humane and morally right and to justify what was done to a race of people as nothing more than a business transaction.

Hunted like animals, stripped of family, property, inheritance, and dignity, someway, we found strength to fight and rise out of the ashes of burnt homes, severed limbs, inhumane treatment, and shattered families. Our voice is lifted high that we shall overcome.

In this play we endeavor to walk you through history, allowing you to have a glimpse of the struggle and reminding you of the cost¬—freedom is not free. The Road Back to Equality has been paved with the blood, pain, and anguish of our fore parents and those of other races who joined in and even sometimes helped to spearhead the fight.

Please go to to see a complete overview along with all the characters and excerpts.

This dramatic work is arranged in a manner to allow you to pick and choose what era (events) you desire to perform.

Over 500 minutes (8.68 hours) of dramatic work. Includes songs with the lyrics and many with the sheet music, as well as video links. Total Page Count: 268

This play is written in sequence of events and eras. You are able to pick and choose what events and era you desire to perform. Each era /event has its time listed in the front of the play


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Go to www.playsbypam and click on black history play for a detailed overview and excerpts of each event / era.

ALL dramatic works - PLAYS and SKITS are NON-REFUNDABLE

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