The Invisible War - Biblical Study of Spiritual Warfare

The Invisible War - Biblical Study of Spiritual Warfare
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Author: Rob Randall

To many people, spiritual warfare is not something they want to think about or to deal with. Yet the reality is we, as believers, are involved in spiritual conflict. Many choose not to think about it, others have put it out of their mind, but the Word of God is clear that we are involved in this battle. Rob Randall, in his latest book The Invisible War, details his own personal experience and that of his family. More importantly, he turns to the Word of God to give the reader direction and instruction on how we are to face the Enemy.

You will find this practical tool a tremendous help in understanding what God's Word has to say about this invisible war. As you are guided by these chapters it is my prayer that your spiritual eyes will be opened, that you will put on the full armor of God and that the strength and wisdom of our Lord will carry you through the battle.

320 pages

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