The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit
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Author: Bob Gordon

What role is the Holy Spirit playing in your life? This easy-to-read book is a great tool for bible classes or self-study.

From back cover of book:The Holy Spirit is perhaps the most mysterious member of the Trinity. His apperances recorded throughout scripture amaze us: He was present over the waters at the creation of the world, and He came to the apostles at Pentecost as tongues of fire. Yet His work did not end when the canon of Scripture closed. He indwells every eliever, lavishes gifts on us and hellps us fulill God's calling on our lives.

Table of Contents: The Reality of the Holy Spirit; Person to Person; Majesty and Mercy; The Lamp of the Lord; Gifts and Graces; Now It's Your Turn; Meeting God at the Dead End

62 pages 5.5x8.5

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