The Birth of the King

The Birth of the King
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This full length play is told from the perspective of a Barnabas, an elderly man who has been waiting on the coming Messiah, like many generations before him. He has become disillusioned. However, all of that is about to change because the word on the street is, "The Savior has come". Great for Christmas or any day!

Apprx. 60 to 65 minutes

Five Acts



Barnabas: (elderly man who sits in the town square. He has given up on the coming Messiah)

Choir (sings throughout play)

Andrew: (elderly man (younger than Barnabas) who sits daily in the town square with Barnabas.

Jesse: (elderly man who sits in the town square. He has been anxiously awaiting the birth of the King)

Abigail: Barnabas' wife

Beulah: Andrew's wife

Chris Jackson (youngest child)




Wise Men (2 to 4)

Drummer Boy

Six to ten extras (male, female, children, etc, they just walk through the town square throughout the play; you can of course have as many as you desire, just not too crowded or distractive)

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