Systematic Theology - Revised Edition

Systematic Theology - Revised Edition
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This landmark edition combines Berkhof's standard, systematic treatment of the doctrines of the Reformed faith?his magnum opus?with his Introduction to Systematic Theology. Written in a scholarly yet simple style, and completely outlined and indexed, the work includes a thorough bibliography, and questions for further study follow each section. A new preface by Richard A. Muller explains the relation and importance of Berkhof's prolegomena to the rest of his systematic theology.

Table of Contents

The Idea and History of Dogmatic Theology

I. Names Applied to the Systematic Presentation of Theology

II. The Nature of Dogmas:

A. The Name 'Dogma'

B. The Formal Characteristics of Dogmas

C. The Necessity of Dogmas

D. The Elements Involved in Dogmas

III. The Idea of Dogmatic Theology

A. The Relation of Dogmas to Dogmatics

B. The Object of Dogmatic Theology

C. Theology as a Science

D. The Encyclopaedic Place of Dogmatics

IV. The Task, Method, and Distribution of Dogmatics:

A. The Task of Dogmatics

B. The Method of Dogmatics

C. Distribution of the Material of Dogmatics

V. History of Dogmatics:

A. The Period of the Old Catholic Church

B. The Period of the Middle Ages

C. The Period of the Reformation

D. The Period of Protestant Scholasticism

E. The Period of Rationalism and Supranaturalism

F. The Period of Modern Theology

The Principia of Dogmatics

I. Principia in General:

A. Prinicipia in Non-Theological Sciences

B. Prinicipia in Religion or Theology

II. Religion:

A. The Essence of Religion

B. The Seat of Religion

C. The Origin of Religion

III. The Principium Cognoscendi Externum (Revelation):

A. Name and Concept of Revelation

B. General Revelation

C. Special Revelation

D. Special Revelation and Scripture

IV. The Inspiration of Scripture:

A. The Doctrine of Inspiration in History

B. Scriptural Proof for the Inspiration of the Bible

C. Nature and Extent of Inspiration

D. Attempts to Discredit the Doctrine of Inspiration

E. Objections to the Doctrine of Inspiration

F. The Perfections of Scripture

V. The Principium Cognoscendi Internum:

A. The Human Understanding

B. Speculative Reason

C. Devout Feeling or Religious Intuition

D. The Moral Consciousness

E. Faith the Proper Principium Internum

F. The Ground of Faith

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