Stop Pressuring Me

Stop Pressuring Me
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Author: Pamela Smith

Television, peers, teachers, parents, pastors, music - how can teenagers make right choices when they feel bombarded with diverse solutions to the same situation. Full-length Christian play for teens.

Pressure is serious and can have detrimental effects. For example, did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death for people ages 15-24 and that for youth ages 10-14, suicide increased 100% between 1980 to 1996? Furthermore, it is reported that nearly 5,000 people between 15-24 commit suicide every year. Shock waves were sent through agencies when the Center for Disease Control reported that the suicide rate increased most rapidly among black males between ages of 15-19 at a rate of 105%. And parents, the weapon of choice for 60% of suicides committed is a gun, often, the family's gun. More people die from suicide every year than homicide.

Nike says "Just Do It." His friend tells him, "It's just marijuana." Nancy Reagan says "Just Say No." The Pastor says "God can keep you if you want to be kept." Music says, "It's your thang, do what you wanna do." The boyfriend tells her, "If you love me you'd do it." Her body is screaming, "If you don't do something, I'm going to explode." Her parents are telling her, "You better not. She's saying, "Stop Pressuring Me."

Reginald Steward - (A Strong Christian Father, he is tall, has a very strong voice)

Leslie Steward (40-year old mother of three. Married to Reginald. She is an accountant. She is very active in her church (teaches the young adult Sunday School Class).

Jerome Steward (16-year old Christian son of Leslie and Reginald. He is intelligent, very active in his church and plays football and basketball for his school. He also is a volunteer peer counselor at his neighborhood community center. He has a great sense of humor)

Dennis Myers - (17 year-old teenage struggling with his need to fit in). Although he has a street mentality, he is shy, very withdrawn. He wears baggy pants, etc.

Candace Steward - (15 year-old daughter of Leslie and Reginald. She is tired of being told what to do and how to do it.)

Peaches Jones - (16 year old, very outgoing, cheerleader. She's Leslie's friend and has a crush on Jerome)

Pastor Donald Bridges - (The Steward's Pastor)

Andre Sanders - 16 year-old football player who is dating Leslie.

Ms. Jones - Peaches mom and the teens Sunday School teacher.

Bill - 17 year-old senior. He plays basketball.

Tina - 16 year old student in the Sunday School class.

Minister - A young adult male who reads the scripture and prayer during church.

Teenager Male - Sunday School Class

Teenager Female #1 - Sunday School Class

Teenager Female #2 - Sunday School Class

Teenagers - for the Sunday School Class (ages 16-18)

Choir - sings during worship service. Also, to allow time if needed during scenes, you could allow the choir to sing an appropriate song.

Narrator - (need someone who can speak dramatically)

1 hour in length depending upon your song selections

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