Selecting Effective Pastoral Staff

Selecting Effective Pastoral Staff
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How to Find the Right Fit for Your Church

Success in the church hinges on the quality of the leadership. To maximize ministry effectiveness, the church must develop the leadership potential in clergy and laity alike. For leaders at the various levels of the church to accomplish their objectives, they must be provided the right tools--and the right people in the right assignments are the most important tools a leader can have.

The selection of an individual for a specific leadership role is virtually as important as the skills he or she may possess for the assignment. The task of senior leadership is to match the gifts and graces of individuals with the specific needs of the organization. In Selecting Effective Pastoral Staff, Wil Spaite pragmatizes the process of choosing the right leaders for the right assignments, giving sound advice to senior pastors. Pastors will learn:

How to find and contact quality leaders

Tools to evaluate candidates for their staff opening

How to conduct the interview

Ways to work with the church board throughout the process

And much more!

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