Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First
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Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Rediscovering Ministry

Author: Bill Easum

At the heart of this book lie two key ideas: First, you can't give what you don't have. It is imperative that pastors keep close to their call, close to their mission, and close to God. In other words, leaders must take care of themselves before they can do anything for anyone else. And second, the ministry of pastors is not to fulfill all the tasks of ministry themselves, but rather to equip others for their own ministry. This book is not for those who want "ministry as usual." Rather, it is for those who want to rediscover that primal, original moment with God that left them feeling as if they could change the world--or for those who want to discover that call for the first time. For such seekers, this book can serve as a guide along their journey.

Table of Contents

1. A Challenge to All Christians

2. Being Frazzled Wasn't One of Jesus' Strong Points

3. Convergence Factors

4. Does Your Context Fit Your Call and Style?

5. Does Your Skill Set Match Your Call?

6. Five Leadership Styles: Which One Matches Your Call?

7. Misdirected Calls

8. My Personal Mission Statement

9. The Experience That Changes Everything

10. What If I Haven't Yet Discovered My Call?

176 pages

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