MidNight Cry Play

MidNight Cry Play
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Among one of our most popular plays!

This full length play is written for all ages. It focuses on a local church before and during judgment day.

We've heard a hundred times that Jesus is soon to return. Is He really? All Pastor Brown knows is that, "We know not the day nor the hour when the Son of Man shall appear, for He shall come as a thief in the night." Only He is not a thief; He will only take what is His.

Therefore, Pastor Brown's message to you is - Be Ready! "Midnight Cry" shows how some will be disappointed when Judgment Day comes.

You will laugh and you will be inspired to "get your house in order."




Demon #1- (leads the condemned souls to their final destinyduring judgment)

Demon #2 - (leads the condemned souls to their final destinyduring judgment)

Angels- (two angels that stand on either side of Jesus as the Book of Life is reviewed)

Deacon Falls - (in his early 50s, always well dressed. Married but somewhat of a playboy; very controlling)

Eric Jones (Well groomed, loves the Lord, bold. In his Mid 40s, President of Men's Department and a deacon)

Minister Miles - (handsome, late 20s to early 30s, married to Jennifer; charismatic)

Jennifer Miles - (Minister Miles' wife, late 20s to early 30s, fighting to keep her marriage and to see her husband live what he preaches. She's in the choir and is able to sing well)

Ministers - (at least three ministers that work the altar during church service)

Keisha Moore - (flirtatious teenager who is suspected of dating the musician)

Missionary Moore - (Older lady, always quoting scriptures and pointing out people's sins)

Darnell - (handsome, flirty, well dresser, good sense of humor. He's the musician)

Sis. Lee - (Mid 40s to early 50s. She's the church gossiper)

Sis. Luke - (in her mid twenties, very sweet personality. She's the choir director. (if your director is a male, change to Bro. Luke and adapt accordingly).


Congregation (for the scenes involving the church setting)

Pastor Brown (he is in his early to mid 40s, charismatic, he has a great speaking voice and is a man of integrity)

Sis. Burnett - (Sis. Lee's best friend. She's in her mid 40s and very vocal and complains a lot)

Margie - choir member


Sis. Thomas - (in the choir, always has a negative attitude)

Carolyn - (video only)

Michelle - (teenager who witnesses to Keisha)

Unnamed Female - (talking to Deacon Falls after church )

Excerpts from Play: Copyright Material - All rights reserved.

Scene I

Setting: (church setting, with ministers in pulpit and a choir and a small congregation - you can set it up as your Sunday church services are. It's important that all the main characters are placed where they are visible to the audience. Service is already in progress. Be sure Darnell is at the piano or keyboard or organ [whichever you choose to use].) Opens with service already in progress, Pastor Brown has finished preaching and the choir is singing a selection.

Choir: (singing: "Get Your House In Order" by Dottie People or a song you have written to fit the scene. After the choir finishes singing, Pastor Brown approaches the podium)

Pastor Brown: (in pulpit- in a suit or robe, he is in his early to mid 40s; he has a great speaking voice. He's concluding his sermon): Get your house in order! I know I have already preached today but that song is ringing in my spirit! Get your house in order.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Brown: I tell you, God is doing a work in our midst.

Minister Miles (in the pulpit with the pastor; he?s in his mid 30s, very charismatic and handsome; very well dressed in a stylish suit): Yes, Lord.

Pastor Brown: You know Jesus is getting His church ready for when He returns. You do know that He is soon to return?

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Brown: When Jesus comes back we need to make sure our house is in order. I look around at the church, His body, and what I see grieves me. That is why I'm asking you today, is your house in order?

Congregation: (says amen, that's right, etc. throughout)


Jesus: (robed and sitted upon a throne, with the Book of Life - angels present on either side of him and at least two at the gate exit -Sis. Lee is standing before Him. Characters are wearing what they had on at church. Demons are off to the side) My child your works burnt in the fire.

Sis. Lee: (trembling) Sir?

Jesus: Your works burnt in the fire.

Sis. Lee: I don't understand.

Jesus: Let's watch and see - (points to screen - video plays - it shows Sis. Lee gossiping and spreading rumors, it shows her at prayer meetings with a little note pad writing down things as others are praying)

Sis. Lee: (cries as she watches the video) I didn't mean anything.

Jesus: You were called to be an intercessor but you chose to be a gossiper. You didn't use the power I gave you. You may enter but your works will not be rewarded.

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