Manual Bible for Men

Manual Bible for Men
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Binding and Color:Italian Duo-Tone: Chocolate / Caramel

Men - redeem your God-given passions, drives, and purposes so you can live out your faith. Manual speaks to you honestly and straightforwardly about your role as a Christian in the face of a culture that actively works against God's will and God's way.


100 "Myth" articles: A common, accepted myth from the world is followed by the first-person story of a man who struggled with the lie and how it affected his life. The article concludes with principles from God's Word that debunk the myth.

50 factoid profiles about select men of the Bible - Must know, interesting facts about men of the Bible, written in a creative, edgy style. Each profile highlights how God used this man despite his failings.

200 "Downshift" notes - Penetrating questions for personal reflection or small-group study. The questions are tied to Scripture and send the reader to the index for information on each topic.

200 "Knowing God" call-outs - A short note that highlights an attribute of God as shown or taught in Scripture and teaches that knowing the character of God can help men redeem the way they live.

300 "At Issue" notes - Short teaching notes on life topics such as money, sex, or pride, that are linked topically.

Book introductions - Magazine-style book introductions that hook the reader with headlines and entice him to read the book.

Topical index - A clear, complete, thorough topical index that unifies all the features and makes this Bible very accessible.

Back matter articles - Practical articles help men further their study.

A unique, two-color interior design sets this Bible apart.

Single-column Bible text for ease of reading.

Font Size: 9.2

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