Local Church Today- A Biblical Study of Its Purpose and Ministry

Local Church Today- A Biblical Study of Its Purpose and Ministry
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Author: Bill Scheidler

Walk your church through the ministries of the church from pastor to deacons and other body ministries.

A Must Have Book for Every Church Member!

From Backcover: This book is intended to help you better understand God's glorious purpose in the Church and your individual part in that purpose. It will give you the vision from God's perspective rather than man's. Your faith will be strengthened to see the Church of Jesus Christ fulfill everything that God has purposed.

May be a great tool for bible class, new member's class or your church's leadership class.

Table of Contents

-Chapter 1: The Church - The Mystery

-Chapter 2: The Church - The Eternal Purpose

-Chapter 3: The Church - and the Kingdom

-Chapter 4: The Nature - of the Church

- Chapter 5: The Church - God's Peculiar People

- Chapter 6: The Church - The Temple of God

- Chapter 7: The Church - The Family of God

- Chapter 8: The Church - The Body of Christ

- Chapter 9: Appointed Servants - or Deacons

- Chapter 10: The Office of a Bishop - or Elder

- Chapter 11: The Ministry - of the Apostle

- Chapter 12: The Ministry - of the Prophet

- Chapter 13: The Ministry - of the Evangelist

- Chapter 14: The Ministry - of the Teacher

- Chapter 15: The Ministry - of the Pastor

- Chapter 16: Other Body Ministries

-Chapter 17: Conclusion

9 x 6 , 284 pages

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