Lessons for the Worship Team - Leader's Manual

Lessons for the Worship Team - Leader's Manual
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Authors: Dave Patterson and Joseph Zwanziger

A resource for pastors and worship leaders with free downloadable worship team copies online. This book is filled with useful principles that will build and strengthen your worship team.

If you need to do a training class for your choir or praise and worship team - this is the book

Table of ContentsBeing a Gift; Coming Into His Presence (Thanksgiving); Coming into His Presence (Praise); Countenance; Creating a Culture of Joy; Creating a Prophetic Atmosphere; Excellence; Musical Preparation; Platform Protocol; Spirtual Unity in the Worship Team; Stewardship of Our Gifts; The Anointing; The Language of Worship; The Personal Priorities of a Worship Minister; The Priorities of Worship Ministry; The Snare of Comparsion; Where God Lives; Worship in Spirit; Worship in Truth; Woship Mentors and Models

152 pages

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