Is Christ Really God? Youth Edition

Is Christ Really God? Youth Edition
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DISCONTINUING! going fast!

Includes 5-Part DVD / 8 Session Group Course

13-Session Interactive Course for Youth Groups

"Accepting Jesus" doesn't have the meaning it used to. Young people making a profession of faith don't really understand what it means to believe in Jesus. Internationally renowned author and apologist Josh McDowell has created resources to address this dilemma with True Foundations resources.

Two intergrated modules that include 5-session DVD series and 8-session interactive course.

Module #1: Five DVD sessions with dramatic vignettes: *In Search of Happiness *Happiness: Created or Discovered *Is Christ for Real? *From Death to new Life * Experience Christ's New Life; --- DVD Leaders Guide with creative activities for five 60-minute lessons.

Module #2: Eight-session interactive course with leader instructions, reproducible handouts and innovative activities for eight 60-minute lessons: *Why Christ Came to Earth: Revealing God's heart of Redemption *What it Means that Christ Entered Our World *Responding to the God of redemption: A Life of Devoted Worship *A Devoted Worshipper of God is in Awe of Him *A Devoted Worshipper of God Lears of His Ways *Responding to the God of Redmption: A Life of Prayer *Responding to the God of Redemption: A Life of Faith *Fulfilling Our Purpose in Life

Supplemental: The Deceivers NovelPlus companion book for youth

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