Intimacy - 100 Day Guide

Intimacy - 100 Day Guide
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Author: Dr. Douglas Weiss

Intimacy doesn't need to be illusive! It's time to recognize intimacy for what it is--a loving and lifelong process that you can learn.

Dr. Douglas Weiss offers a 100-day practical plan that will energize your relationship and create a spiritual, emotional and physical closeness that you have hungered for in your marriage. You'll identify destructive emotional roadblocks that keep you from experiencing exciting and satisfying intimate moments with your spouse. Develop a marathon mentality for your relationship, and take the next 100 days to fall in love all over again.

In this book, you will discover:

-How to discuss your sexual desires

-Having spirituality that works in the bedroom

-How your "government style" can limit your intimacy

-Three daily exercises guaranteed to make love last

-How to set boundaries

-How to connect emotionally

-Practical steps to letting go of your past

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