In All Things Give Thanks - Skit

In All Things Give Thanks - Skit
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Royalty-Free Skit: Royalty-Free Skit: A play demonstrating our need to give thanks in all things.

by Pamela R. Smith

NOTE: This consists of two separate skits. One is "Overcoming Setbacks" the other one is "Moving Forward".

THEMES: Thanksgiving; Being Grateful; Thankful; Overcoming Difficulties; Healing Family Relationships; Forgiveness; Sisters; Trusting God.

SCRIPTURE REFERENCES: 1 Thessalonians 5:18. "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

TIME: 30 minutes or 15 minutes if you do only one part

GENRE: Chrisitan Drama

SUGGESTED USE: Thanksgiving Service; Discussion Starters, Women?s Group; Conferences; Sunday Morning Worship Service

SYNOPSIS:Overcoming Setbacks: Sue and Mitchell struggle to pick up the pieces after Mitchell is in a life-threatening automobile accident. How can the give thanks when it seems as if their life is falling apart. ---- ----Moving Forward: As the eldest, Maxine tries to be the peacemaker in her family when disappointments and betrayal strikes. Can the family heal and move forward, as they focus on the goodness of God?

PROPS: Overcoming Setbacks: sofa, coffee table, cordless phone, chair, pillow, blanket, newspaper, magazine.--- ---Moving Forward: kitchen table, small side table, dish towels, grocery bags, casserole dishes, chairs.

COSTUMES: Casual dress.

CHARACTERS: for Overcoming Obstacles

Sue Moore: Christian mother of two, trying to pick up the pieces after a car accident severely wounded her husband, Mitchell.

Mitchell Moore: Christian father of two who has become bitter toward God and life because a car accident left him paralyzed.

Mr. Mays: The Moore's attorney.

CHARACTERS: for Moving Forward

Maxine: Eldest sister, where the family conjugates and when in trouble, her home is the place of refuge.

Terry: Compassionate, loving brother

Charlene: Irresponsible baby sister in the family who is working on getting back on the right track.

Ernestine: Fun-loving, Next to the oldest sister who is still holding resentment against the things Charlene did to her and the family.

Jackie: Middle sister, overcoming heart-break and trying to see the goodness of God through her pain.

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