Human Resources for the Church

Human Resources for the Church
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Human Resources for the Church: Applying Corporate Practices in a Spiritual Setting

Author: Ken B. Godevenos

The management side of the recruitment, care, and development of church staff is not part of pastoral curriculum in most seminaries. Business leaders moving into church management as executive pastors are often lacking experience in dealing with Christian employees in a fully Christian setting. Human Resources for the Church fills in the blanks for both pastors and layleaders, covering just about every aspect of managing people for the Kingdom. It provides local administrators - senior pastors, executive pastors, directors, and others who have supervisory responsibilities in the church - with practical advice on a complete spectrum of employee management. The author uses his extensive senior Human Resources experience in industry and government, his years of senior involvement in church management, as well as his love for, and belief in, the local church to address the employer-employee relationship between a church and its varied staff. He systematically deals with issues arising from the time a decision is made to pursue additional staff resources right through to when an employment relationship ends. This is a must-read book for anyone managing people in the Lord's work.

7.5 x 5, 432 pages

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