How to Treat a Staff Infection

How to Treat a Staff Infection
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How to Treat a Staff Infection: Resolving Problems in Your Church or Ministry Team

Authors: Dr. Craig Williford and Carolyn Williford

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Anyone involved in ministry for any amount of time has probably run across staff problems. And the challenge in dealing with staff problems within a Christian ministry is solving the problems in a Christian manner--and keeping a sense of humor about it all. In How to Treat a Staff Infection, Dr. Craig and Carolyn Williford take a "medical" approach to those common ministry ailments, including - a stiff neck "God always intended VBS to be two full weeks." - temporary paralysis "You want me to make a decision?" - a flaccidity of the lips "Got a prayer request for you: you won't believe what so-and-so did now..." - abnormal weight gain "God just gave me this incredible idea..." - and many more Almost every problem a ministry staff encounters is covered in this humorous and helpful book.

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The prescription for all your ministry staff ailments Swollen brain. A flaccidity of the lips. A stiff neck. Temporary paralysis. These "illnesses" and many others are familiar problems among both paid and unpaid ministry staff. And through their years of ministry experience, Dr. Craig Williford and Carolyn Williford are well-versed in diagnosing and prescribing treatment for a large variety of staff ailments.

How to Treat a Staff Infection is a humorous and helpful reference tool for keeping your staff healthy and vital. Each chapter opens with an all-too-true description of the problem, then offers compassionate, practical, and godly suggestions for dealing with "infected" staff members. You'll read it once for the sheer joy of realizing that you are not alone in your frustrations. You'll refer to it time and time again for expert advice when an infection threatens to spread in your staff.

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