Hot Tips for Worship Leaders

Hot Tips for Worship Leaders
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24 PRACTICAL TIPS TO LEAD EFFECTIVE AND DYNAMIC WORSHIP By Brent Helming. (Vineyard Music). This book of helpful information by Brent Helming comes from an experience of leading worship, ministering with Pastors, and developing worship teams for the past 10 years. This is a useful and practical tool that any worship leader would benefit from!

Do you need to do a mini-workshop for your praise team or choir? This book is a great resource to help guide you through bringing out the best in your musicians, choir and praise team.

It covers subjects such as: Tuning your instruments; Developing a repertoire of songs; Properly positioning yourself and your team; How to give proper signals and cues; Your role in helping the congregation properly transition from praise to worship; How to properly lead worship; How to create a flow; How to have a successful rehearsal; How to introduce new songs; Developing your team; Relaying the vision for the music ministry of your church to the team; and More!

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