Healed without Scars Study Companion

Healed without Scars Study Companion
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Discovering the Path to Wholeness in Christ

Use with the book Healed without Scars.

Author: David Evans

Broken homes, child abuse, fractured relationships, squandered opportunities, and unfulfilled experiences persists throughout our lives if we don't find healing and freedom. Great book for small group study, women's ministry, personal healing, etc.

The Healed Without Scars Study Companion takes you through 13 weeks of discovering powerful healing truths and principles for your own life. Use with the book Healed without Scars.

Have you been hurt by fear, rejection---failure? Then you may have discovered that time doesn't always heal every wound. Using contemporary and biblical accounts of those who have emerged victorious from life's fiery furnaces, Bishop David Evans illustrates how God can help you be Healed Without Scars from the past. Overcome depression, anger, and hopelessness---and experience a life of freedom and joy through wholeness in Christ.

Explore deeper insights with David G. Evans and learn more about yourself from his thought-provoking questions as you work through this personal healing journal. The outcome will be a joyful life of wholeness in Christ.

11 x 8.5, 140 pages, softcover

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