Handbook to the History of Christianity

Handbook to the History of Christianity
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Author: Jonathan Hill

Product Description

Filled with full-color photos and illustrations, this beautiful, highly readable volume covers the complete history of the Christian faith in rich, fascinating detail. Expert contributors cover the full sweep of Christian history from the time of Jesus, through the church fathers and European history, and spreading throughout the globe on up to today.

From the Back Cover

Christianity began with a handful of disciples following an itinerant preacher as he proclaimed the kingdom of God throughout the region of Palestine. Today, Christianity is the world's predominant faith - a faith that has swept continents, crossed oceans, transformed cultures, and shaped the course of world events.

What is the history of Christianity? How did it spread from its grassroots beginnings to become a worldwide faith? Who are its luminaries - its leaders, theologians, thinkers, preachers, artists, and influencers - from its inception to today? What forms and expressions has it taken through the centuries? How has it influenced and been influenced by different times and cultures?

Full of lavish full-color photographs and illustrations, the Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity offers you a sweeping history of the Christian faith from the time of Jesus and the apostles till now. The early and later church fathers; Africa, the Middle East, and the Missions East; the Byzantine Empire; the High Middle Ages; the Reformation; Reason and Revival; Modern America and Oceania - seventeen sections cover all these and many more aspects of Christian history in vivid and engaging detail.

Features include:

- Comprehensive, highly readable coverage of the history of Christianity by expert contributor

- 42 feature articles on relevant and fascinating topics such as Origen, the Inquisition, Darwinism, African church music, the great Russian novelists, and witch hunts

- 200 full-color photos and illustrations

- Maps, charts, and timelines

560 pages - hardcover

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