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Church Folks
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Every church has at least one Gloria Gossiper, Nosey Natalie, Know-it-All Kevin, Oscar the Overcomer, Rejoicing Regina, Fake Felicia, Flirty Fannie, Bold Barbara, Sanctified Sharon, Devoted David, Busy Bob, etc. We invite you to come and take a glimpse at Church Folks and see how Patient Pastor Perry encourage his parishioners to mature and go to the next level. We pray that Church Folks will help us to see ourselves and change where we need to change and be encouraged as we see how far we have come.


Gossiping Gloria:(in her late 30s. Always at church and never misses any special events.)

Nosey Natalie: (in her early 40s. Inquisitive about others.)

Know-It-All Kevin - (late 20s or early 30s. Always trying to prove the bible and quick to correct the pastor.)

Oscar Overcomer - Enthusiastic and in the choir

Rejoicing Regina (Mother Pierce's daughter-in-law, and Devoted David's wife)

Bold Barbara -Vocal, nonsense type personality

Sanctified Sharon (is in the choir. Very vocal)

Busy Bob (locks up the church, willing to do whatever is asked of him)

Devoted David (humble and always looking for ways to help.

Rejoicing Regina's husband and Mother Pierce's son. He is also a deacon).

Wishy-Washy Wanda - Between the ages of 45 to 50. Married to Dominating Deacon Dawson. She is in the choir.

Patient Pastor Perry -Pastor of First Church. In his 40s, dresses well, great speaker, very humble, spiritually sound.

Overlooked Lady Perry - In her late 30s or early 40s. Elegant -married to Pastor.

Dominating Deacon Dawson - Between the ages of 45 to 55. Married to Wishy-Washy Wanda. Very domineering.

Shouting Sallie - Always ready to praise. Very vocal.

Backslidden Betty - Attends church occasionally.

Minister Wannabeseen - Associate minister at First Church. Loves to be noticed.

Mother Pierce - Wise, in her late 60s or early 70s (can wear makeup to look the age). She is a pillar at First Church.

Fake Felicia - In her twenties or early thirties. She says one thing but in heart doesn?t mean it.

Desperate Darlene - Attractive and single. She is in the choir. (If your musician is a female change Darlene to Danny)

Choir - (can use most of the same people if you desire)

Ushers (at least 4)


Musician Melvin - First Church new musician. Anointed and very spiritual. (if your musician is female, change name to Marcia and adjust as needed)

Flirty Fannie - In her late 40s. Flirts with the Pastor and ignores the pastor's wife.

Two People at the End of the Line to greet Pastor (can use two of the choir members)

This is two scene play (full length). The primary setting is the church. The play is an hour to 1.5 hours depending on the length of the songs you choose to sing.

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