Broken Promises

Broken Promises
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This full length play (60 to 90 min dependent upon song selections)  is excellent for Marriage Conferences or Marriage Retreats, as well as for Family Conferences. Broken Promises is a play about covenant, family and restoration.

Maurice and Jackie are high school sweethearts and are now approaching eighteen years of marriage but something has changed. Jackie and Maurice have become distant. Jackie sees it but she's afraid to face it and discuss it. As time progresses Jackie realizes that some things you just cannot ignore.

Maurice must confess his faults, repent and ask his wife to forgive him. The Jenkins family needs restoring. Thanks to close, loving friends who are bold enough to step in and help Maurice and Jackie to deal with some painful issues so that restoration can come.

This play will make you laugh and touch you deeply as you witness the wedding, separation and restoration process of this couple.


Maurice Jenkins (leading man; age between 40-45. Janice's husband of 15 years)

Jackie Jenkins (leading lady; age between 40-45. Maurice's wife) Note: It would be great if Jackie and Maurice can sing

Tia Jenkins (age 8. Janice and Maurice's daughter)

Deon Jenkins (age 16. Janice and Maurice's son)

Darlene Churchfield (age between 30 and 35. An attractive woman with a good sense of humor. Jackie?s neighbor and bestfriend)

Keith Churchfield (between 30-35. Darlene's husband of 5 years. Very outgoing).

Mom Mason (age between 55-60. A wise and loving family friend of the Jenkins).

Pop Joe Mason (age between 60 and 61. Esther's loving husband of 30 years.)

Mary (church member and Janice's long-time friend)

Groomsman #2

Flower Girl

Ring Bearer

Nelson Jenkins (Maurice's brother (age 38-41)

Trish Jenkins (Nelson's wife)

Pastor (performs wedding ceremony in opening scene)

Singers (for wedding and soloists for in between scenes)

Wedding Guests

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