Bridgeway Bible Dictionary

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary
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Author: Don Fleming

The Bridgeway Bible Dictionary is an A to Z of biblical information that bridges two gaps at once. First, it bridges the gap in time and culture between the world of the Bible and the world of today. Second, it bridges the gap between the technical reference works and the non-technical reader. It is an accurate, readable and helpful source of information on the Bible. With almost 1,000 entries, it covers all the major areas of biblical knowledge.

- Theological issues and Christian doctrines

- The life and ministry of Jesus Christ

- Christian life and service

- Historical studies of nations, peoples and cities

- Geographical articles on Bible lands, their physical features and environmental characteristics

- Books of the Bible, with background information, survey of contents and explanations of the books' major concerns

- People of the Bible, including major characters and less prominent characters

- Topics of overall biblical interest


General information on cultures, customs and religions maps, charts, line drawings and tables, approximately 200 in all, conveniently located with the relevant articles

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