Bible Challenge on DVD NT

Bible Challenge on DVD NT
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Bible Challenge on DVD: New Testament

Bible Challenge, a question and answer Bible game on DVD, allows families, church groups, youth bible bowls, etc to have fun and learn at the same time. Bible Challenge is an interactive, multiple-choice question game formulated to quiz your Bible knowledge. This family-oriented game also includes an entire dramatized narration of the King James Version New Testament. Put on your thinking cap and get ready for a Bible study like no other.

Question and Answer GAME FEATURES

- More than 300 Bible Challenge Questions

- 3 levels of difficulty (easy, moderate and hard)

- Up to 4 players can play at the same time

- Automatic score keeping

- Plays on any DVD player or computer with a DVD drive

- Game instructions included


Where was Paul born and what was his birth name?

What was the town traditionally known as "The City of David?"

What famous father could not talk until his son was born and what was his son?s name?

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