All About Worship

All About Worship
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By Vineyard Music

Table of Contents: The Life-Changing Power of Worship: By John Wimber; Worship: Our Highest Priority: By Rich Nathan; Humility, The Key to Serving in Worship: By Terry Butler; Putting God First: By Brian T. Anderson; Calling Women to Lead Worship: By Andy Park; Purity (A Woman's Perspective): By Cindy Rethmeier; Maintaining Purity While Working With The Opposite Sex (A Man's Perspective): By Andy Park; The Call to Worship the Father: By Brian Doerksen; What is Full-Time Worship Ministry: By John Barnett; Performance: An Attitude of the Heart: By Danny Daniels; Worship Evangelism: By Mark McCoy; Worship Leaders from a Pastor's Perspective: By Lloyd Rankin; Learning to Lead Worship: A Beginners Guide: By Brent Helming; Leading Worship in a Smaller Church: By Larry Myers; Ministry Time Worship: A Practical Point of View: By Scott Underwood; Serving Through Sound: By Marianne Kleine

128 pages

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