A Voice from the Past for the Future

A Voice from the Past for the Future
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Black History Play

An informative Black History Play that reminds us of the struggles of our fore parents. Characters include Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., and more. These great men and women will speak truths to our hearts that will inspire us to pursue our dreams with greater persistency.

Narrator: "A piece of freedom is no longer enough for human beings. . . . Freedom is like life; It cannot be had in installments." Good evening. Those are words so eloquently spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We welcome you to our play, "A Voice From the Past For the Future." During this play you will hear words of famous civil rights leaders who impacted not only their generation but hundreds of generations yet to come. Although all these leaders with the exception of one are no longer here with us, their words still ring truth in our souls and can inspire us to move forward in our destiny for greatness. Sit back, relax and take a journey into the past as they show us how to face each day with courage, hope, and determination.



Sojourner Truth

Frederick Douglass

Harriet Tubman

Ida B. Wells

Booker T. Washington

George Washington Carver

Mary McLeod Bethune

Rosa Parks

Bus Driver

At least four extra blacks for bus scene

Two Police Officers

Picketers (at least 10)

Martin Luther King

Mary C. Terrell


Slaves (about 4)

1.5 hours in length

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