A Mother's Prayer

A Mother's Prayer
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This full length, royalty-free play is excellent for Mother's Day and is written for all ages. It is about a praying mother who refused to give up. She stood firm and held her family together through difficult times. She wouldn't let her oldest son be swallowed up in drugs, even if it meant snatching him out of the hands of the devil himself. To some she didn't have much but if they only knew the power that she possessed when she prayed.


Mom - Mrs. Evelyn Murrell (early to mid-40s; she's a nurse and a strong Christian woman who has compassion and understanding. She is a prayer warrior)

Darlene - (daughter, 15 years old, a good singer, excellent speaker. She is just starting to date and is learning how to handle her emotions)

Derrick - (oldest son, handsome 16 years-old, selling drugs. He has a great speaking voice.)

Tony - youngest son, 7 years-old

Tasha - youngest daughter, 9 years-old

Sylvia - Darlene's best friend and next door neighbor




Marlon (Derrick's friend, 17 years old)

1 hour to 1.5 hours in length depending upon your song selections

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