21 Personal Breakthrough Prayers and Scriptures

21 Personal Breakthrough Prayers and Scriptures
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21 Personal Breakthrough Prayers and Scriptures: Removing Longstanding Obstacles

Author: Frank Damazio


The 21 days of breakthrough prayers and scriptures is a power-packed book fulll of Scriptures and prayer for any situation. It is uplifting and helps you to embed Scriptures in your daily prayers, reminding God of his promises as instructed Isaiah 43:26.

Week One: Prayers for Blessings and Favor (Favor on my year, life, finances, faith, marriage and family, work, thinking)

Week Two: Prayers for New Spiritual Power (Spiritual Power to resist, to stand in the gap, by being cleansed, to break through, to reach the lost, to be specific)

Week Three: Prayers for Fresh Anointing (for personal vision, my church leadership, my church vision, my prayer and worship, my world vision, my faith for miracles, my personal life)

The book is hardcover for longevity.

Hardcover, 6.3 x 4.7, 135 pages

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